STD Testing

STD Testing

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Less than 30% of primary care doctors have after-hours coverage and, even if you do make an appointment, you’re stuck waiting hours at a time. Because of these inconveniences, there has been a recent increase in urgent care centers around the country. Chesapeake ERgent Care in Gambrills, Maryland provides the quality care you need in under 30 minutes. To get medical attention without delay, call, stop by, or use the HIPAA compliant mobile application.

Staying on top of your sexual health requires frequent and high-quality STD testing services. Luckily for patients near Gambrills, MD, Chesapeake ERgent Care provides comprehensive STD tests to help diagnose potential infections and initiate STD treatment.

Any adult who is sexually active should get routine STD tests since most STDs are asymptomatic. This means that adults won’t see any physical symptoms even if they have an infection for a few weeks. Without proper testing and screening, patient experience a variety of health-related complications and even chronic conditions in advanced cases.

Additionally, adults that are more sexually active have a significantly higher risk of contracting an STD. Other risks that may affect if you contract an STD include the frequency of new partners, drug and alcohol use during sexual activity, and frequency of unprotected sexual activity. If you believe your previous sexual behavior has any of these risks, then you’ll want to screen for multiple STDs.

The types of STDs that we screen for at Chesapeake ERgent Care includes:

  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • HPV
  • Chlamydia
  • Hepatitis C

STD testing at Chesapeake ERgent Care is private, respectful, and convenient for patients that need an STD immediately. Simple visit us via our walk-in clinic and our urgent care staff will be with you as soon as possible. Usually, patients can get checked in and get their updated tests in a few minutes. If you have any questions about our STD services, please call us at 410-721-2333 or book an appointment online!