Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

Every year, about a million people in the US fall victim to accidents like slipping during everyday tasks, as well as muscular injuries. If you live in a particularly cold region, you probably bring out the shovels when the winter months begin. Snow shoveling is a critical reason why some people suffer from chronic illnesses such as a heart attack. Not to mention, it is the precursor to serious injuries.

Nevertheless, it’s important to shovel snow, and unless someone else can do it for you, you’ll have to do it yourself. To avoid suffering from chronic illnesses or injuries, here are a few snow shoveling safety tips that will come in handy during the winter months.

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

1.      Use the Correct Shovel

You’re probably familiar with the shore of having to bend down while shoveling snow. Get an ergonomic shovel to avoid bending. Newer models reduce the number of times you have to bend, thereby preventing possible muscle injuries.

2.      Don’t lift the shovel

When shoveling out snow, push your shovel instead of lifting. While lifting, you add extra pressure on your knees. Pushing diverts the pressure to your legs while reducing unnecessary strain.

3.      Shovel the Same Day as Snowfall

If you skip out on shoveling snow due to a spur of laziness and leave it to the next morning, more snow will gather. If you let snow gather for longer, the surface becomes watery, making it difficult to shovel. This adds further strain to your entire body when doing so.

4.      Warm-Up before Shoveling

Practice a few stretches before you shovel, as this will prepare your muscles and prevent the risk of an injury. It’s good to stretch after you finish shoveling snow as well because it helps your muscles relax.

5.      Wear Warm Layers

Maintain your body temperature during snow shoveling by wearing warm clothes. Once you start getting warm, remove layers. Doing this will protect your entire body and prevent you from catching frostbite or simple flu.

Other Safety Tips

  • Stay Hydrated throughout
  • Take breaks instead if shoveling in one go
  • Use light-weight shovels

You must make good use of these snow shoveling tips as improper techniques and unpreparedness can have severe consequences. After all, suffering from a heart condition is the last thing you want to worry about. For more information