Pediatric Care

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Pediatric Care In Gambrills, MD

Don’t let your child’s cough or fever turn into something serious! Chesapeake Ergent Care can take care of your little ones and help you stop your child’s sickness from getting worse! We know as a parent, having a sick child at home can put a lot of stress on your day. If your Primary Care Physician is not available then you are stuck trying to play Doctor, while also juggling the struggles of every day (calling out of work, figuring out what medicine to use, picking up your other children from school). Chesapeake Ergent Care is here to help you at YOUR convenience, with our talented staff of Doctors and Medical Professionals.


We are conveniently open 7 days a week so you can come to give us a visit when it works for you. Our Doctors all have the experience to be able to diagnose your children’s sickness as well as put you on the correct course of action to help your child get over their sickness. Some of the services that we include are:

  •  Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds & Lacerations
  • Baby Nose Bleeds
  • Broken bones
  • Minor Broken Bones
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Fevers
  • Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting & stomach flu
  • Children’s vaccination And More!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our pediatric care please give one of our Doctors a call! You can reach us at 410-721-2333, We hope to see you soon!