Lab Testing

Lab Testing

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Less than 30% of primary care doctors have after-hours coverage and, even if you do make an appointment, you’re stuck waiting hours at a time. Because of these inconveniences, there has been a recent increase in urgent care centers around the country. Chesapeake ERgent Care in Gambrills, Maryland provides the quality care you need in under 30 minutes. To get medical attention without delay, call, stop by, or use the HIPAA compliant mobile application.

Patients may not fully realize that they can get comprehensive lab testing services without needing to wait in an emergency room or a doctor’s office! Whenever patients need one or several types of medical lab tests, they can always visit Chesapeake ERgent Care.

Lab testing is a catch-all term to describe the variety of clinical, biometric, and diagnostic exams to diagnose illnesses or specific medical conditions. Patients usually refer to lab testing as “blood work” since a large number of diagnostic exams require a blood test to evaluate a patient’s condition. However, lab tests sometimes only need a sample of saliva, urine, or a similar bio-product.

Lab tests are a great way to test for multiple types of infectious diseases, chronic diseases, long-term health conditions, and short term infections. Additionally, a lab test can be used by your primary care provider or another medical professional to administer and coordinate future treatment options.

Most patients think that they require a specialty lab from a hospital in order to get these tests, but our walk-in clinic and urgent care center can provide these as well. The types of lab testing offered at Chesapeake ERgent Care include:

  • Hematology tests including full blood counts
  • Chemistry tests such as metabolic panels
  • Urinalysis
  • Rapid flu and strep throat testing
  • Drug Screenings

Simply visit our urgent care center located at 1071 MD-3 North, Suite 101 in Gambrills, MD or call us at 410-721-2333 if you need lab testing right away!