Injury Treatment

Minor and acute injuries can create sudden or sharp pain when left untreated, which may even lead to longer-term health consequences down the road. These injuries are quite common in children and adults, as nearly 9.2 million children per year experience a sudden, non-fatal injury according to the Centers for Disease Control.  In fact, nearly 39 million Americans each year visited an emergency department to treat a non-fatal or accidental injury.

However, there is a more effective, affordable, and efficient medical alternative to the emergency room for minor injuries: Just check-in or visit Chesapeake ERgent Care to get immediate injury treatment for a variety of needs. Whenever you experience an injury at home, work, or elsewhere make sure you contact our team to dress, treat, and plan future treatment for sudden injuries!

To schedule an appointment, please contact us here to either book directly online or call us to learn more about our services. At Chesapeake ERgent Care, we provide the experience and state-of-the-art equipment needed to address and treat your injuries?

Why should I visit urgent care for minor injuries?

Urgent care is a great option to get your sudden injuries treated whenever you have a sudden bruise, sprain, bone break, or a similar injury. This is because an urgent care center can diagnose and treat injuries at a fraction of the cost as an emergency room. An ER may not be covered by your private insurance, or have higher out-of-pocket costs, when compared to an urgent care center.

Additionally, an urgent care center or walk-in clinic provides x-rays, lab testing, and other types of diagnostic services to help patients get the care they need ASAP. For minor injuries, and urgent care center can also save time through walk-in clinic access! Instead of waiting hours in an emergency room, the team at Chesapeake ERgent Care can quickly triage and treat sudden injuries!