Infusion Therapy and Omicron

Life-Saving Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

FirstCall Medical has an infusion center for Monoclonal Antibody Treatments including FDA-authorized Sotrovimab which is effective against Omicron.

In addition, FirstCall Medical will soon be providing Evusheld infusions. Evusheld is an FDA Emergency-Use-Authorized monoclonal antibody treatment to be taken by patients at high risk before they have been exposed to COVID-19. Pre and post-transplant patients are excellent candidates for this new treatment. These treatments will be available at our Gambrills location.

For facility outbreaks or non-ambulatory patients, please call us to discuss on-site treatment options.

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Hours:  M–F:  8:30am – 3:30pm

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Monoclonal Antibody Infusion

  • FDA Authorized
  • Effective against all current variants including Omicron

Evusheld Monoclonal Antibody Infusion

  • FDA Emergency Use Authorized
  • For high-risk patients BEFORE exposure to COVID-19


  • COVID-19
  • Influenza
  • Strep
  • RSV


  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • J&J


To the whole team at First Call Medical Center,

Writing to thank you for being there when we needed you most. Of course, like most people in the world when you hear that someone you love has COVID your heart sinks. Right before the new year my whole family contracted it. My 80-year-old parents among them. Within four to five days after testing positive my dad started taking a turn for the worse. Causing him to be on continuous oxygen and walking even to the bathroom became dangerous due to his instability. When we called his primary care doctor about the infusion, she indicated she had no problem giving the referral but good luck finding a place that could give it. 

I know that God led me to find you through a dear friend because everyone we called couldn’t help us. Within 24 hours of finding you we were able to get an appointment not only for him but most of my very sick family. 

From the moment we arrived we were greeted with a lovely nurse that helped us get the paperwork filled out. The nurses that gave the infusion and looked after my family were incredible. Not only were they proficient in their nursing skills but had incredible bed side manor. Even after my father had an accident causing them to have a mess to clean up. They kept a smile and a reassuring word that it was okay. 

I wanted you to know that within 24 hours of receiving the infusion my dad was up walking again. Breathing had improved. He was even getting back his sense of humor. Mom was able to get up and start getting back to normal life. My daughters’ heart rate had gone back to normal enabling her to care for her 1-year-old with COVID without feeling like she was going to pass out. 

I can honestly say without your infusion site and your incredible staff I am sure my family would be grieving at the loss of at least one of our family members if not more. God Bless you and your whole team for being there when we needed you most!

T. C.



“I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this “thank-you” note but I truly want to thank you and your urgent care team for taking care of my son Jake on 1/25/2022.  Jake is 42 years old… actually 1/25/22 was his 42nd birthday….  and he has lung issues due to having pneumonia twice as a young child. He and his family did not get vaccinated which was strongly against my recommendations… but it was a choice they made from recommendations his wife’s doctor had given them due to her autoimmune disease.   Therefore… when one of his sons came down with COVID… the entire family became ill.  In his household are three adults and seven children… all of whom became ill.  Jake was the sickest of them all.  He was on his 10th day when I spoke with my friend Steven Bloyd. Steven got in contact with you immediately and immediately we had an appointment for him to receive the monoclonal antibody infusion. He had had a severe headache for most of the 10 days and had absolutely no energy…. along with a fever, muscle aches and congestion in his chest. So when I called him and told him Steven was able to schedule an appointment for him for the monoclonal antibody infusion… he jumped into his vehicle and started the long drive from Salisbury, MD to your facility in Odenton, MD.

After his infusion… and on his ride home… I spoke with him and he was already feeling better. By the next day he actually felt well enough to go to work… although he did not. When I spoke with him the following morning his muscle aches were gone… he had no fever… the congestion was gone from his chest and he had slept 10 1/2 hours overnight… very peacefully.  The only symptom remaining was a little congestion in his sinuses…   

As a mother you cannot imagine how grateful I am to you and your team!  I have been anxious knowing he had not had the vaccines and knowing that one of the children could easily bring home the disease to the family.  And of course…. as mothers… we know we are normally right… Lol….  However unfortunate it is….     

Again… I just want to say thank you from the bottom of a mother’s heart!  and a grandmother’s heart! My son was able to get better and then take care of his sick family.  I can report to you today that all are doing well.  They have all recovered and the children are all back in school. 

I wish you many more success stories!!!!”


I received treatment at Odenton on the 20th. I want to thank all of the attendants who took care of me there. They were very nice to me and made me feel at ease. Also, it is the first time in awhile that I felt someone cared. Thank you Emma for taking such good care of me and thank you Christopher Presley.

– C. S.